IN PROGRESS! Pen Parentis advisory board member Allison Scollar heads our brand-new Pen Parentis book club. She is currently collecting names of people in the NYC area who wish to meet monthly for book discussion — contact us if you would be interested in participating, or to find out more.

The book club will read one of the books upcoming at a salon and then meet with that author for an exclusive conversation moderated and led by Allison. There will be an online discussion option as well so if you do not live in the NYC area, you can still express your interest.

Our first book club selection is THE PARTNER TRACK by Helen Wan. Read the book and show up at 6:45pm on February 14th (just before our Valentine’s Day Special Event) for an in-person discussion on this groundbreaking, page-turning novel about race in the legal workspace. We are excited to start this new program!