Introducing: The Pen Parentis Cycle of Writing Support


Have you lost yourself? No idea whether you should keep writing or how? Buried in the guilt of spending family time with your writing — or spending writing time with your kids? Are you frustrated with trying to figure it all out by yourself?

Impediments abound once you become a parent. We will help you remember that you are a writer with promise. We want to get you writing again!

If you often wish you could talk with a professional who has been there – who actively balances a writing career with an active family life — consider mentorship from one of our award-winning authors….all of whom are parents.

You may choose from this list of incredible writers who are currently-available as mentors:
(click any name for their bio)

  • Arthur Phillips (literary fiction, best selling fiction, playwright, experimental)
  • Leigh Newman (memoir, essays, magazine, travel writing, short stories, writing for the internet)
  • Max Watman (journalism, nonfiction, food/travel writing, humor)
  • Arlaina Tibensky (literary fiction, young adult fiction, teaching)
  • Julie Klam (journalism, nonfiction, memoir, screenwriting, humor)
  • Christina Chiu (literary fiction, short story collections, curating a series)
  • M. M. De Voe (experimental fiction, literary fiction, genre fiction, flash, writing communities)


We offer three levels of aid:

Full mentorship: Three one-hour conferences within the course of a calendar year, in person (if proximal, and by arrangement) or by phone/Skype – $499

Moment with a mentor:  A single one-hour conference via phone/Skype – $299

Just some good advice: First five pages manuscript critique via email: $99

We want to see you writing with purpose.

If you are interested in a relationship with a mentor, please submit five pages of your best writing along with your first, second and third choice from the mentor list of writers via email to mentorship (at)

We will then send you a short questionnaire so that the mentor knows a bit about you before you meet for the first time. Please note: this is not an editing or referral service. We are here to help you find your writer-self, to help you decide what you want from your writing career, and hopefully, to inspire you to get back on track towards achieving those goals.

All Pen Parentis Mentors have won at least one writing award (scholarships/fellowships/grants/prizes etc) and all mentors have at least one successful publication in their field/genre written since becoming a parent.

Pen Parentis Authors who wish to become Mentors may inquire via this link.