Are you a writer who is also a parent?

Pen Parentis builds community for authors who are parents that want to publicly pledge their devotion to their craft. We offer multiple ways that like-minded authors with kids can come together both online and in person to exchange ideas, get support, and find resources to stay creative: from our Facebook and Twitter feeds, to an invitation-only Secret Group on Facebook. We are changing the stereotype of what it means to be a writer who has kids.

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Basic membership is free, but maybe you are interested in more than just being counted. Would you like members-only activities? Discounts? Want to be a truly important part of what we do? Join as a Title Member and strengthen the Pen Parentis community now, and into the future! This commitment is 100% tax-deductible and will earn you a space on our homepage. Send us your photo, bio, links to your books and other writing–thank you so much for your support of ALL parents who are writers.

Our doors are open to all writers who are also parents.

  • prove that writing is more than just a hobby to you
  • change the stereotype of what it means to be a parent writer
  • force the world to acknowledge, legitimize, and alter how it treats creative artists who also happen to be parents
  • meet your colleagues and network with editors and agents over drinks at our esteemed Literary Salons
  • engage and expand your audience
  • read at a Pen Parentis Literary Salon
  • discounts on Pen Parentis classes and special events
  • mentor emerging writers who are struggling to stay on creative track via our secret Facebook group, Pen Parentis Behind Closed Doors
  • exchange ideas and create Mastermind writing workshops with other authors who have children (coming soon!)
  • exchange ideas with other writers at a Pen Parentis Chapter in your neighborhood! (coming soon)
  • explore our blog and/or volunteer to guest-blog
  • interact with @PenParentis on Twitter
  • connect with a mentor in the Pen Parentis Cycle of Support
  • learn from the many interviews with writers who are also parents, available free on our website
  • check out books written by other Pen Parentis authors
  • find Pen Parentis on Facebook and comment on the articles we post
  • be considered for our Fellowship without a reading fee
  • alert Pen Parentis whenever YOU have published an article about writing and/or parenting that we can help you promote
  • spread the word about your writing classes and upcoming readings
  • volunteer great authors who are also parents to read new work at our salons
  • shop Pen Parentis products
  • participate in The Pen Parentis Book Club online and in person (returning soon!)
  • browse albums of our past Pen Parentis events, and see who you know!

We hope you do. And we hope–whether you have kids or are expecting or adopting–that you will become an active part of our wonderful community of devoted writers.

All Title Membership subscription donations are used for general operating expenses such as maintenance of this website, as well as to fund special projects such as the Pen Parentis Research Initiative, special classes and workshops and child-friendly events like the Pen Parentis House of Lit Party on Governor’s Island – and (coming soon!) the creation and maintenance of a database of parent-friendly residencies and colonies.

TITLE MEMBERS: Authors who actively support us get our active support in return – in appreciation for your recurring donation, we will place your photo and bio on our website in our online author gallery as a Pen Parentis Title Member. Featured Authors are rotated randomly onto our home page. And Title Members do not have to pay a reading fee to apply for our annual Fellowship. Additional benefits: Pen Parentis Title Members receive a discount to sign up for the Pen Parentis Cycle of Support – and once they have become successful, they are the only authors we consider when seeking to hire new mentors. Pen Parentis Title Members are always considered first when we look for readers for our Literary Salons at Andaz in NYC and in Los Angeles. Additionally, Pen Parentis Title Members who tag us in posts on Facebook or Twitter with publishing news, writing classes, or any other item of interest for the Pen Parentis community will be retweeted/shared (please note that adding us to a mailing list does not guarantee sharing of content, but tagging does). Please also use the hashtag #PenParentis so that we can archive your success!

Writing is a lonely craft. Join a writing community that understands your needs.

Just drop us an email once you have your receipt of payment and we will get things going. Your donations are fully tax-deductible. We are interested in interviewing all Pen Parentis Title Members for the Pen Parentis Research Project.

ALL TITLE MEMBERS receive exclusive privileges such as early invitations to special events, raffles for glamorous prizes (we just gave away two registrations for the upcoming AWP conference!) and other fancy and/or career-enhancing perks – because we could not survive as an organization without your help. So we thank you with cool stuff. And our thanks. And cheers.

TITLE MEMBERS AT FOUNTAIN PEN ($20/month) SHARPENED PENCIL ($15/month) or LAPTOP LEVEL ($150 annual) also enjoy the additional benefits listed below:

  •  Limited time offer: One Lit Place, a vibrant online writers’ centre, is offering Pen Parentis Title members many discounts on workshops, seminars, and membership to their private online community — no time to leave the house, but still looking to hone your craft? Give your writing career a boost at One Lit Place! Perfect for parents!
  •  a 20% discount on BellyFire Productions services for making book promotion videos

BASIC MEMBERSHIP: We do not discriminate based on income. Basic membership is free, leave your email address and you can join our circle right away. Please us all the resources we have, free of charge. Be counted! We are happy to support you in your time of need, and hope that as your income grows, you will support your community in return. We sincerely hope that your circumstances will soon improve and we will do all we can to help that happen — ! Until then, let’s work together to get your writing career moving!