Introducing: The Pen Parentis Cycle of Writing Support


Have you lost your creative self?

Buried in the guilt of spending family time with your writing — or spending writing time with your kids? Impediments abound once you become a parent.

We want to get you writing again!

If you often wish you could talk with a professional who has been there – who actively balances a writing career with an active family life — consider mentorship from one of our award-winning authors….all of whom are parents.

But face it: most mentors will chat with you and then be done. We do it differently at Pen Parentis. First: we read your work (up to 25 pages) and help you edit it into a polished gorgeous publishable piece (or advise you to take a class if we identify a problem that can’t be solved with line edits!) — we are honest and we don’t mess around. You will email us the submission, we will send it back with line-edits and after you look it over, only THEN do we sit down for a phone call or a face-to-face. We will talk you through the edits, your hopes & fears & try to point you in the right direction.

Currently, both of the key players involved in Pen Parentis Literary Salons are available as mentors. Each is a parent, has workshop experience in addition to their Columbia University MFAs and has won multiple awards. (Click on our names for our full bios):

  • M. M. De Voe (Founder of Pen Parentis, fields of expertise include: experimental fiction, literary fiction, genre fiction, flash, writing communities)
  • Christina Chiu (Curator of Pen Parentis, fields of expertise include literary fiction, essays, flash, curatorial skills. Was an editor at Tin House!)

You can also choose from the following incredible Pen Parentis writers. All of them are parents and all of them have won awards in their fields–and all of them have continued to write after having kids.


We offer three levels of advice:

Full mentorship: up to 25 pages of your novel or your best short story with 2 revisions – back and forth over email –  followed by a two-hour conference in person (if possible) or by phone/Skype to be completed within one calendar year, with ability to continue the relationship over email – $499 ($399 for all levels of Title Membership in good standing)

Moment with a mentor:  A single one-hour conference via phone/Skype – $299 ($199 for Title Members)

Just some good advice: First five pages manuscript critique via email: $199 ($99 for Title Members)

We want to see you writing with purpose.

If you are interested in a real writing relationship with a mentor, give us a try. Click here to request a mentor. 

We are here to help you find your writer-self, to help you decide what you want from your writing career, and hopefully, to inspire you to get back on track towards achieving those goals.

All Pen Parentis Mentors have won at least one writing award (scholarships/fellowships/grants/prizes etc) and all mentors have at least one successful publication in their field/genre written since becoming a parent.

Would you like a Mentor who champions your writing and knows what it’s like to try to keep a writing career going while balancing family obligations? Contact us via this link and let us know what you need and that you’re ready to do the work to get that writing career back on track!