So you say you couldn’t get a sitter for AWP this weekend, but you are a hardcore writer and darned if you are going to stay home while everyone else rubs elbows in D.C.? You’ve packed your kid as a carry-on and you’re off?

We are thrilled to present a really great list of 12 tips to make your conference more productive. Obviously not every tip will be possible for every AWP parent–but hopefully just knowing these tips have worked for others will make your AWP conference more enjoyable.

Click here to access our lovely, printable list: 12 Tips for Surviving AWP with a baby

(for those of you who don’t know, AWP is a massive conference where approximately 12,000 writers and teachers of writing come together for a weekend of talking about dangling participles, character development, and the best wine to drink while reading Murakami. This year is the host organization’s 50th anniversary, and the conference is being held in Washington, DC.)