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Freelance Writing with Kids, Pros & Cons

Cons of Freelance Writing with Kids •  Children interrupt: whether intentionally or not, if they are around, they will need you every 5-10 minutes, or when they’re older, every hour. And when they are not there, often you’ll catch yourself wondering what they are doing. Or worse, school calls. Your writing may reflect these constant breaks. […]

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Writing as a Parent

So I’m often asked whether Pen Parentis is for people who write about parenting.  Our mission is quite the opposite: we want to encourage writers to continue on the creative track they were on before they had kids.   That said, parents need to build college funds – or just pay rent! – and in a […]

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Pen Parentis theoretically enters the blogosphere.

Hello! Walking back from kindergarten drop off today, I spoke with a doctor/mom whose husband is an award-winning journalist. “It’s hard on him,” she told me, “because of course he could theoretically volunteer at the school all the time.” And isn’t that the crux of being a writer/parent?  Working at our own pace, we theoretically […]

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