Monthly Archives: June 2012

Creating a writing group for parents

How cool that I’m hitting on a trend – day after I posted about writing groups, THIS appeared by an NYC agent! Some people asked about creating your own writers group. Yes—absolutely possible. Easiest is to be the only person with kids in the group, but that can get depressing – everyone else is happy […]

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Writing Groups

SO, writing groups. What are they and how can you get one? Writing groups are a little like a workshop without a teacher. Of course, the easiest way to get feedback on your work is to sign up for a writing workshop (or if you are just starting a career, a writing class.) Thing is, […]

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Get Motivated

I am in a creative slump right now. Not because I have no ideas; I have plenty. I also have two kids in school giving me enough time to write, should I wish to do so. Tell me then, what’s the hideous sluglike thing wrapping itself around my brain and slowing me down? Is it […]

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