Monthly Archives: June 2013

Graphic novels

I love comic books. LOVE. I love cartoons too–but some of them are not for kids. South Park, anyone? Family Guy? Adult Swim? We get it – just because it has drawings in it does not mean it is for children. I happen to also be a big fan of graphic novels intended for adult […]

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Do you need an extension?

As someone who often writes under a deadline, I have been using homework assignments to try to teach my kids the value of pacing oneself. I started college as the kid who finished all her assignments at 4am on the day they were due (I also used to suck on my used tea bags to […]

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Creative kids can’t spell

This is a personal rant against a trend in children’s literature. This rant does not represent the thinking of Pen Parentis, just of me. Ready? I am so frustrated by the current trend of books aimed at a younger child audience that are filled with intentionally misspelled words (Junie B Jones, Diary of a Wimpy […]

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