Monthly Archives: November 2021

No matter WHERE you live….

Pen Parentis is here for you! These past two years, Pen Parentis has worked to become accessible for ANY writer who has kids – ANYWHERE in the English-speaking world. (Looking at you, New Zealand!) — our programs are entirely online, and we welcome participation from anyone, anywhere! Here is a recent and absolutely GORGEOUS article […]

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Passing the Tiara….

The Fellowship winners circle met in late October 2021 to hear the top three stories read aloud by 2021-22 3rd place winner, Lara Henneman (whose story will be published in Dreamers Magazine in January 2022), 2nd place, Melissa Bowers and our newest WRITING FELLOW: KELLE SCHILLACI CLARKE.ย  Last year’s reigning winners attended to meet the […]

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