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AWP24 with kids!

This is going to be FUN! Download our FREE parent-friendly guide to AWP24 with just one click! No mailing lists, no requirements. It includes excellent information like babysitting services, things to do with kids, and tricks & tips to survive AWP with kids! Just click here for the 16-page AWP24 Parent guide -with resources, tricks, […]

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Meet your people!

Living is a miracle and an act of hope. Parenthood is that times a thousand. Add to this the creation of art in a society that values only commercial success and you know what heroes you are. Thank you for never giving up. Pen Parentis is here to help keep you going. Join us.ย    […]

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We had an incredible turnout for the Wednesday, January 17th at 6:30 pm in-person Literary Salon at the Writers Room – Pen Parentis hosted a room full of writers from just everywhere – fiction, poetry, essays, nonfiction, screenwriters – the words! it was a Citywide Writer-Parent Meetup! Check out these photos!ย  The artistic program featured […]

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