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ACRE is honored to receive funding from the Sustainable Arts Foundation to provide two scholarships for artists who have children. This scholarship includes free attendance to the 2019 ACRE Residency program, along with food and lodging for the two-week residency period, as well as access to the myriad facilities and artist community enjoyed by ACRE Residents. Additionally, this scholarship includes a $1500 stipend intended for childcare expenses during the residency period. While ACRE unfortunately is not able to host anyone under the age of 18 on site, we are eager to offer other support for artists with children that may have difficulty getting away for a 2 week residency. *To qualify you must be an artist responsible for at least one child.

  • Listing ID: 5756
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Financial Assistance Amount: $1500
  • Family Friendly Features: Childcare stipend
  • Residency Period: July, August
  • Deadline: 03/04/2019
  • Fee: $40
  • Location: Wisconsin
Contact details

Steuben, WINorth