Brooklyn Art Exchange - Parent Residency

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Brooklyn Art Exchange’s Space Grant program is the oldest of our programs that support developing artists. It was initially created for dance artists and expanded to support theater and performance artists in the late 1990s. Space grants are often an artist’s entry point into a deeper relationship with BAX. A significant number of their Artists In Residence started their relationship with BAX as space grantees and then claimed the organization as their artistic home. Space grants acknowledge that seasoned artists and newly emerging artists need uninterrupted space and time to try new ideas or to change directions. Again and again in surveys of NYC’s performing artists, access to space is the most essential resource. They remain committed to space grants as the core provision of our Artist Services offerings. Artists are selected by application and reviewed by a panel of former space grantees, Artists In Residence, staff and guests.

The Parent/Artist Space Grant has been developed to address some of the needs of NYC artists trying to meet the challenges of being an artist and a parent to newborn through pre-school age (0-4) children.
The grant includes a childcare stipend as well as discounted BAX performing arts classes for the children of grantees.

  • Listing ID: 5757
  • Family Friendly Features: Childcare stipend
  • Deadline: 03/17/19
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY