The Pen Parentis Literary Salon is a unique Downtown series that shatters parental stereotypes as it celebrates the diverse creative work of writers that are also parents. On the second Tuesday of each month September through May, join us in lower Manhattan’s coolest spots.  Readings by small groups of exemplary authors, writers, and poets are followed by Q&A moderated by Pen Parentis founder M. M. De Voe and Salons curator Christina Chiu. Each event ends with mingling and book signings. Come join the fun!  Pen Parentis Literary Salons are a great place to meet book-loving neighbors as well as industry notables. You don’t have to be a parent or even a writer to enjoy these events – join us!

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UPCOMING READERS (mark your calendars!)

April’s salon TECH AND THE DIGITAL WORLD with Helen Schulman and Deborah Paredez HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO JUNE 9 – !! AND Diane Mehta will join instead of Davon Loeb! See you there, healthy & happy!!!


(fingers crossed!) May 12: SEASON CLOSER with Gish Jen, Ted O’Connell, and Granville Wyche Burgess

LMHQ is an event space run by Downtown Alliance. It is located at 150 Broadway in Lower Manhattan on the 20th floor. Pen Parentis events are partially funded by a ConEd Bright ideas grant.

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March 10 – with Kathryn Curto (because of Covid-19 related concerns, David Ebenbach and Caroline Hagood were unable to make it)  — what should have been a full house was instead an intimate roundtable!

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To watch the Livecast recording from the day before New York City closed its public spaces, click here.


February 11: with Richard Peabody and Dawn Raffel (Jose de Pierola was unable to make the event)

Photos from the event, click here!

To watch the Livecast recording, click here.


January 14: “Annual Poetry Salons” with poets Sarah Kain Gutowski, Tim Donnelly, Diane Mehta (canceled due to illness), Len Lawson, and Nancy Hoch.

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Watch Livecast Recording. (thanks for recording this, Lisette!)


Miss anything??

September 10: “Freedom” with Renee Simms, Virginia Hartman & Jess DeCourcy Hinds   —  


October 8: “Alternative Lives” with Amy Edwards, Janice Eidus, and Randon Billings Noble

Watch the livecast recording

November 12: “Small Towns, USA” with Marie Lee, Jimin Han, and Keetje Kuipers

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Watch the livecast recording

December 10: Annual Author Mingle & Season Closer – “All in the Family,” with Terese Svoboda, Susan Van Sciver, and Huda Al-Marashi

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