Our programs are still very active!

We will be running salons again as soon as it is feasible. We will NOT be shaking hands or throwing our arms around you or anything of the sort. We will take measures to help keep you all safe & healthy (as well as ourselves and our featured authors!) please be respectful of that.

We have archives of our past salons available for you at the bottom of the “who is reading next” page on this website under Literary Salons. They are free to watch! We have a rather full (and growing) archive on our main Pen Parentis page on Facebook as well.

Once the Salons start up again (hopefully May!) livecasting will be the norm, so please “like” us on Facebook and check our page to see what time the livecast begins (generally around 7:15pm EST) — we would love to hear your comments on everything except sound quality. Since we are literally filming the ambient sound on an ipad, we can’t do anything about the sound (hook us up with a good corporate sponsorship and we will fix that!!!)

Our meetups have all gone virtual. If you are a Pen Parentis Title Member you have full access to any of our meetups. Please check on our Facebook private group, Pen Parentis Behind Closed Doors, or on our list of events on our Facebook page for details of how to join in — they are being held on Zoom at the moment.


We want you to keep writing. We want to keep you on creative track. But please – be prudent – you have families and their (and YOUR) health is important. You can’t write a book if you’re coughing up a lung. So be safe.

FYI– clarity from MM’s pediatrician:

Q) What symptoms are associated with COVID-19?
A) Fever greater than 100.4°F, cough and respiratory symptoms (shortness of breath).
Symptoms do not include runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, or sneezing.

Q) What should I do if I suspect my children (or I) have the virus?
A) Contact your physician by PHONE and ask them what their policy is.
DO NOT GO OUT until instructed to do so.

and for the record: NO IN-PERSON PLAYDATES if there is a way to avoid it! Why? Because of this.

ok–off to wash our hands. Again.