As you know Pen Parentis encourages all writers who have kids to stay on creative track – which means to finish the fantastic projects that were started before you had kids! But what about those of you who came to writing specifically BECAUSE of your kids? Or those who write essays and creative nonfiction based on kid issues, about schools, or parenting issues, etc?

If you write about parenting or your kids, do not miss this conference!

Many of you are fantastic documentarians and write outstanding, thoughtful essays about being a mom, a dad, or a baba–many are in the realm of parent-journalism. And we are thrilled you have found a home for your talents! To help YOU stay on creative track, we have partnered with an absolutely amazing conference that gets you up-close & personal (currently still via zoom, but plans for in-person!) with Parent-Journalist editors! All the big names: New York Times, Parenting, you dream it, they have a panel on it. 2022 is the second year of the conference and attendees from last year published REAMS through the connections they made and advice they were given.

If you purchase through this link not only will you get early bird pricing through May 14th, but you will also (even if you pay full price) be supporting Pen Parentis and our mission to keep you writing! Explore and buy through this link! Event on May 20th, online.