Get typing! Our Fellowship Deadline LOOMS! This year we are looking for *short* pieces – we really want you to write something new – remember our mission is to keep parents on creative track after having a baby. So put that darling little beast to sleep and type fast. Let your mind go wild–remember we are not necessarily looking for stories about kids, we are looking for YOUR BEST WORK (but if your best work is about your kid, of course you can send it, you can send anything! No genre limitations within fiction — So surprise us!) Use that sleep deprivation to go wild.

Here are the guidelines for submitting to be considered for our Fellowship. Make yourself CREATE. Make those minutes count.

(The gorgeous little peach pictured here is courtesy of Pen Parentis member Elizabeth Isadora Gold. Check out her writing website here. She #readatPenParentis from her book, The Mommy Group.)