We are thrilled to yet again help sponsor the massive AWP writing conference, this time in San Antonio!

this post has information about our onsite AWP reception – open to all parents
& (scroll down) a link to download a short survival guide in case you have to bring your kids to AWP

As always we are here for all writers who are also parents! Feel free to DM us on Facebook or Twitter (@PenParentis) with your questions and comments – we are old hats at AWP! We won’t have a booth but we are delighted to announce our AWP Writer-Parent Reception. Please use this reception to meet up with other writers who are parents, get to know M. M. De Voe (founder of Pen Parentis) and Christina Chiu (the curator of our magnificent Literary Salon series) — as well as some special guests including the editor in chief of Mom Egg Review! If you have ever read at Pen Parentis, we want you to stop by and say hello and tell us what you’re working on – we would love to have you come back to read for us again!

For those of you who we don’t yet know, please come and introduce yourselves. We want to see every Title Member so we can shake your hand and thank you for your ongoing support! If you just want to talk about the annual Fellowship (which opens on March 1 this year!) or about our Salons or are interested in starting a meetup in your own part of the USA, please use this opportunity to meet us in person.

Annual Writer-Parent Meetup

Thursday, March 5, 2020

6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Location: Mission B, Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Second Floor

please RSVP through this link


As a reminder: we are delighted to have given registrations to several Title Members of Pen Parentis, many of whom passed on their wins to other deserving writers who are also parents. We are hosting the following four writers – do say hello to them when you see them around:

Sarah Lybrand

Shanon Lee

Jennifer Fliss 

Len Lawson

In the meantime, we have put together a pamphlet of advice for writers bringing their kids to San Antonio for the conference. Of course the best policy is to leave them at home! (But sadly, we can’t all be aristocracy.) If you are bringing a child to the conference, do have a look at our short list of tips and family-friendly restaurants. We have even collected a list of sitting services in the area–goes without saying that you still have to vet your own sitters and restaurants. We can assume no legal responsibility! We just want to do was save you a bit of valuable time, and hopefully make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Above all, no guilt. We all make the best choices we can. Click the link below to download our helpful guide!

#AWP20 Pen Parentis PDF