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Many parents use blogs in order to provide information to other parents regarding a wide range of topics. Most of the time, these topics are generated through personal experience. While your blog may not generate the revenue you may hope, there are other ways you can turn your parenting experiences into literature that can help keep the bills paid. What else is available for writers on the Internet?

1. Ghost Writing – There are many sites that will pay individuals to be ghost writers for blogs, novels, websites, magazines and more. Although you are unable to accept personal credit for writing the material, you are still paid per job – which can become quite lucrative if you develop an extensive client list. While you work on your own blog, why not take a few hours of your day to make extra money as a ghost writer?

2. Self-Publishing – The Internet has made it easy to become a published author without the trouble of finding a house to publish your book or spending a great deal of money upfront for the printing of your materials. In fact, some of them will produce digital and paper versions of your books without charging you a printing fee. They do this by taking more of a commission from each sale.

3. Padding Your Resume – The more content you develop, the better it can look on your resume for future writing or editing jobs. While you don’t have to list every piece you’ve ever created, the length of time you have been a writer as well as any books you’ve published can make a great impact.

Your blog doesn’t have to be your only method of income as a writer. Explore the possibilities of what the Internet can provide and build your success.