Exciting news for those Title Members in and around NYC – we now offer FOUR meetups to choose from to help you set and keep your weekly writing goals:

Tuesday Mornings from 10am – 11am, beginning Tuesday January 7th, our new mid-Village meetup will assemble at Paragraph Writing Space for the first time. Make your goals a reality at 35 West 14th Street, up three flights of impressive stairs. Who needs a gym? We got you covered. There’s free coffee and tea here, as well as optional writing time afterward in their oh-so-cool and old-school NYC style dead-silent writing space. $10 drop in fee. (half price for members of Paragraph and waived for supporting Title Members of Pen Parentis). Drop a line at info@penparentis.org if you are interested (subject line “Paragraph Writer-Parents Group) so we can tell you how to get in.

Paragraph is behind a small door in Manhattan on 14th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. Please note this space is only accessible by three flights of stairs.

Wednesday Mornings from 9:15-10:15am, starting on January 8th, The Write Space in Orange NJ opens its doors for Pen Parentis Meetups in its sun-flooded beautiful new space. These weekly sessions are run by Pen Parentis team-leaders Abby Sher and Marcia Le Beau. Coffee/tea is complimentary with membership at The Write Space and members of the space get half-off the Pen Parentis $10 drop in fee. Writer parents who are Title Members of Pen Parentis attend for free and can stay for an optional hour of writing after the accountability meetup. Please let Marcia know you are coming through the contact-us link on her website. The address and other details are also available here.

Get ready Jersey! We are going to give you every reason to finish your writing project! Look at membership at the Write Space, or come to the meetups and try out the space for an hour!

center for fiction pen parentis meetup sign

Tuesdays at noon in Brooklyn our Brooklyn Writer-Parent lunchtime meetup has moved to the Center For Fiction! Please reach out to Burke or Mai to be added to their roster – they are actively looking for new members! $10 drop in fee, waived for Pen Parentis Title Members. Sign up using the Contact-Us form on this site (put Brooklyn Writer Parents group in the subject line) or just show up – we meet at the Cafe! 

Look for the Pen Parentis Writer-Parent binder at Center For Fiction (15 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn near BAM) every Tuesday at noon – make sure to check in with Burke and/or Mai to hear about any location changes. (you can email through our contact-us form if you don’t yet know their contact info or DM us on social media)

Finally, our Friday Morning Manhattan meetups resume on January 3rd. If you have attended in the past, we would love to see you at the Oculus at 10am. If you are new, please consider one of the Tuesday morning meetups as the Friday morning meetup is at capacity. There is no official writing session following this meetup.

Epicerie Boulud is next to the Apple Store in the Oculus – be warned it takes a while to get a coffee here. Come early!

What’s the Cycle of Support?

The Cycle of Support is comprised of Meetups – Membership – and Mentorship among writers who are raising (or have raised!) kids, and has proven successful in fostering new writing!

It starts with a drop-in at one of our four Meetup groups. Connect with colleagues who are likely to become friends. You already have kids and writing in common – what third thing can you find to cement the connection? Choose a meetup you enjoy. All writing projects are welcome. Whether you are working on haiku to go with your photography project and already have a double MFA or whether you have decided this week it is time for you to finally write the mystery novel that has been clattering around in your head since second grade, we are happy to help guide you and push you along in your goals.

After finding a Meetup you like, join as a Title Member. Your drop-in fees will be eliminated and you will get other perks, like the ability to attend Salons and enter our Fellowship competition for free.

Finally, join our online Facebook group to collectively mentor others and be mentored. It is a Cycle of Support – as you grow in experience you will help others, and vice versa. The advantages of having supportive writing colleagues is well documented. Our Cycle of Support is a proven way of authentically fostering a supportive community of writers who genuinely care about your success. This is not a critique group, though many writers have found writing partners and other professional aid through these groups. This is a step beyond a networking group–it is a true community.

What happens at a meetup?

You meet peers, you set specific goals, we track them, you come back the next week having fulfilled them and you set more goals. Over time, you finish your short story, your essay, your novel, your memoir…. and when you get stuck, we use the group’s collective knowledge to help you along. If the group falls short with answers, there are more than 700 supportive authors on Pen Parentis Behind Closed Doors who can be tapped to help! Team leaders of meetups are trained in compassionate perseverance, and participants are encouraged to become Title Members to take advantage of the significant discount to regular attendance (and other perks). Regular attendees have a track record of successful accomplishments!

We hope to see you soon at one of our four meetups! If you are a first-timer, do email us to let us know you plan to attend.