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Meet people who care deeply about writing and who understand the effort it takes when you have kids:

**CREATIVE NIGHT OWLS – With Kathleen Lawton-Trask**
**8:00-9:00pm – PACIFIC on Mondays**
(new cohort for those who can only get away after the kids go to bed) meets on zoom every week at 8:30pm Pacific (or do some math for other time zones–all Night Owls are very welcome!) June 20 – Sept 12

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Are you a lunchtime person?

**PRODUCTiVE BRUNCH – with Laura Wheatman Hill**
**11am-noon – PACIFIC on Thursdays**
(new accountability cohort for parents who get a break midday) meets on zoom every week at 11am Pacific (or do some math for…you get it)
Thursdays June 16 – Sept 1

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