2020 is the decade of the writing parent!

We are thrilled to announce two new accountability meetups that will begin in 2020 to help writers raising kids stay on creative track! As always, all genres and types of writing projects are welcome, so whether you’re working on a screenplay or a memoir based on your grandmother’s diary, a collection of Haiku about the melting of snowflakes, or a four thousand page, six volume space opera set in an alternate world, we are here to help you stay on track, to help you find the tools, and to hold you to your plans.

These facilitated weekly morning meet-ups are specifically geared to writers who have kids (of any age) and will help you set writing goals and give you support to accomplish them.

  1. In Manhattan, we are partnering with the super-cool and long established writing space Paragraph to bring you meetups on Tuesday mornings. We meet beneath a large wall featuring the covers of books that were completed in that space to inspire you to greatness. The location is old-school and hardcore and usually filled with dedicated writers, with a complimentary vast selection of high end teas and always-brewing fresh coffee (and a milk for every preference), and a table full of literary journals to peruse during your down-time, as well as copies of the the New Yorker and New York Times. Meet us at the kitchen lounge space at 35 West 14th street (north side of street, third floor at the top of a towering, exciting flight of stairs–you won’t need to go to the gym!) — you’ll need to buzz up to get in. If you’re a Paragraph writing space member, your drop-in fee is covered by Paragraph. If you are NOT a member of Paragraph, your drop-in fee will cover both the moderated session and an optional writing session in their supremely silent and writer-focused space after you are inspired! Fee: $10 donation to Pen Parentis. Waived for Title Members of Pen Parentis and for existing and new members of Paragraph. (note that Pen Parentis Title Members will have their application fee waived if they decide to join Paragraph!) If you’re a person who needs quiet to write well, this space is ideal for you. These meetups will be facilitated by Pen Parentis founder, M. M. De Voe.
  2. In New Jersey, we are partnering with a beautiful brand-new writing space as well. The Write Space at 540A Freeman Street in Orange, NJ, will officially open its doors in January and Pen Parentis meetups are among its first offerings! Time and day of week is still TBA (we will edit this post as soon as it is announced; tentatively Wednesday mornings at 9:30am) – and as always Title Members of Pen Parentis can attend unlimited meetups for free. The drop-in fee for members of The Write Space is $5 per session and for non-members the drop in fee is $10. These accountability meetups are run by Marcia Le Beau and Abby Sher, both of whom have read at Pen Parentis.


Do not forget we also offer weekly meetups on Friday Mornings 10am in lower Manhattan and on Tuesdays at noon in the Brooklyn Public Library, main branch – near the cafe. Find out more about each of these four locations and RSVP on our Facebook page under events.