New, FREE perk for Pen Parentis sustaining Title Members!


Night Sessions: A Virtual Writing Cafe. 

Open for night owl writers or people who didn’t get enough done during the day!


What:  A pandemic-born, Zoom-y, three-hour chunk of quiet nighttime writing alongside your fellow authors. Sunday through Thursday nights.


Why: You like the nightlife, baby. We know. But it’s the pandemic. And you’re a parent. So get cranking on your novel/essay/memoir or whatever writing you want to get done. At night. When homeschooling is over and the silence settles in. (Hey, you’ve already had six months to drink and blow through Roku, so let’s do this already!)


When: Sundays through Thursdays, 8 pm to 11 pm Eastern time. (Feeling social? Come check in with us early, around 7:45 pm, to say hi and set your intention for the evening before we go full-mute at 8 pm sharp.) You can drop in at any time — and for any amount of time — during these hours. Enjoy the library-like atmosphere of fellow writers burning the midnight oil alongside you.

Who’s Invited: All Pen Parentis Title Members (this means you if you are a sustaining member of Pen Parentis at Laundry Marker, Laptop, Sharpened Pencil, or Fountain Pen Level). This is a pandemic-era membership benefit. Not sure if you’re a Title Member? Read this page

Your Hosts: Pen Parentis Title Member Aimee Christian and executive board member Elisabeth Wixon. We started this together to keep ourselves accountable and motivated. It works! Join us!

How Do I Start? Send an email through this link with a snapshot/screenshot of your Pen Parentis Title membership confirmation email. You’ll receive an invite to our Zoom meeting and our Slack channel. On Slack we send reminders and updates. 

Can’t wait to see your work flourish!!