I am a scholar of environment and health. I work part time with the Canadian Community of Practice in Ecosystem Approaches to Health (CoPEH-Canada) as Director of programs and am a research professional at the Université du Québec à Montréal. 
I moved to the Ecuadorian Amazon with my family in 2016. My husband and I work with an international NGO, Amazon Frontlines, and an association of four indigenous communities, the Ceibo Alliance, to help protect their ancestral lands. I was scientific advisor to the team, write scientific blogs related to health and spearheaded their biomonitoring initiative. 
Here is an example of one of my published articles. 
I also volunteer with a group called Mère au Front (Mothers step in) on climate issues. I love to practice and teach yoga. I also love to travel and luckily so do my husband, Nicolas, and, my three kids. I started writing fiction two years ago, got carried away and now have a collection of short stories entitled ‘The Year in Eight Parts.’
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