I write essays, short stories, and branded content. I am also a parent.
I currently live in Long Island, NY.


Author’s Bio

Working as both a writer and a mom means Sarah A. Lybrand has become something of an expert: at explaining tough and technical topics to a youngish-skewing audience, at wrangling the attention of picky, distractible consumers—and even at how best to brew coffee, whether under child or deadline. Having worked with some of the world’s top brands (Bank of America, Ford Motor Company, MSL Group, Capital One), Ms. Lybrand’s portfolio spans a range of verticals such as finance, healthcare, media, culture, and parenting—and her bylines include BUST Magazine,The London Economic, Yahoo!, Juno Magazine, and more. Ms. Lybrand is also the writer of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry.
In addition, Ms. Lybrand co-founded and co-runs a small arts collective to inspire parents and their creative pursuits. Find out more by following @the_Matriartists on Instagram.
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