So, the New York Post just recently broke the news that De Blasio is considering maintaining remote learning for NYC schools in September. If this sends a chill of dread up your spine and raises lots of questions, fear not!

Tired of winging it on the education front? Tired of guessing whether the study habits of your kid are damaging or good in the long run, whether the fact that they have no grades or gamified grades or really strict grading will affect them? what about homework? screen times? bedtimes? Is quarantine really a different planet? How do we ease our kids back into reality? or Should we be preparing them for an eternity of this? And how are we supposed to ever finish writing a novel if we have to also be a full time teacher? (oh man, breathe. Breathe.)

Pen Parentis has partnered with an educational psychologist who has expertise in social and emotional development – she will answer your specific questions about how to stay creative while sheltering in with your kids – and can also answer questions about how this quarantine might affect your kids’ social/emotional identity and what you can to do help.

And there’s a bonus round: she will talk to us about how we can negotiate time for our creative careers as well!

The best part is that she is generously donating her time. Any money we raise through ticket sales is 100% tax deductible to you! Tickets start at only $10 — please join us in supporting Pen Parentis and getting yourself back to a place of peace of mind and ability to free your mind to get into a creative space! Sound good?

Click here for tickets and to read bios and find out more about the event.

See you May 21 at 8:30pm (this is not a zoom call–it is a StreamYard Studio — you will be interacting with a video via text if you sign on to your YouTube account, but you will not be on video–we are keeping this very low key, but you have to RSVP to get the link. Higher tier tickets are allowed to compose questions in advance that WILL be addressed on screen. The highest tier ticket adds an additional private conference with Dr. Tichy after the livecast ends.)

A limited number of sponsorships are available. If you have a pressing need and do not have the means to afford the tier that allows you to ask your own specific question, please email us at info (at) penparentis (dot) org  and we will hook you up with a sponsor.