Rosie-the-Riveter-231x300We follow a terrific NYC-based arts blog called The Clyde Fitch Report and they published a wonderful list of resources for mothers relaunching careers after taking some time off for family. Most of these resources are offered by small businesses and nonprofits (like ours!) started by moms who wanted to go back to work themselves but found they hit a wall. (Dads, you’ll find some resources here too, but many are very woman-centric.)

Pen Parentis was founded by a mom writer — after several years of co-hosting the Pen Parentis After Work Reading series with Arlaina Tibensky, M. M. De Voe decided the reach of the series needed to be bigger, more helpful, creating an ever-growing community of writer-parents. Arlaina had just published a book and was struggling to balance publicity, writing a second book, and curating the salons (not to mention her two small boys!) so she put her full support behind MM and said “go for it!” — MM collected a board and started the initiative to turn Pen Parentis into a 501c3 nonprofit that would be centered in NYC but could offer support and resources to writer-parents beyond the tristate area.

 We have received our 501c3 – and have developed a strategic plan and this summer, Pen Parentis is organizing its office, becoming compliant, and shoring up good business practices. In the Fall we will announce some wonderful additions to our programs and revitalize the ones that are currently in practice.

Please make a donation to help us help writing parents stay on creative track. The donate button is on the top right hand portion of this website — your donation is fully tax deductible, and if you are a writing parent and donate a minimum of $150 (or $10 monthly, recurring), we will make you a TITLE AUTHOR.