Announcing the winner of an AWP registration!

We are delighted to announce the winner of our drawing for an AWP20 registration – remember that all Title Members of any level were entered to win (one chance for a Laundry Marker level membership all the way up to four chances for a Fountain Pen Level) — and this year we have a great […]

Jen Hinst-White and Sarah Lybrand - two Matriartists.

Jen Hinst-White and Sarah Lybrand – two Matriartists.

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How to Nurture a Great Writing Career After Having a Child

In preparation for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the AWP writers’ conference, writing-parent experts M. M. De Voe (Founder/Executive Director, Pen Parentis, Ltd), J. P. Howard (curator, Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon), Julianne Palumbo (Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Mothers Always Write) and Marjorie Tesser (Editor-in-Chief, Mom Egg Review) came together to talk about the enormous implications of […]

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AWP Conference Guidebook for Parents

Writers who have kids don’t necessarily have time to read through the many, many pages of AWP documents provided by the conference.  So, some folks at Sustainable Arts Foundation and Pen Parentis have volunteered to read through the conference materials and have attempted to gather together some don’t-miss events. This is by no means a […]

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What AWP taught me

This is going to be an unusually personal post – I went to AWP (the massive, twelve-thousand writers in a single event space dance-with-your-editor party that the Association of Writers and Writing Professionals puts on annually in various cities). First let me say that it was….amazing.  There were thirty panels for every time slot – […]

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Flee for the Weekend

At the AWP conference in Chicago, I was lucky to attend the panel on pregnancy called Writing Motherhood. I was surprised by a few things 1) how many of the people in the audience were not pregnant, and 2) how many of them were men. It was standing room only in a rather large room […]

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Family Friendly Residencies

You may have heard that some of us (Anna Solomon, Greg Olear, Caroline Grant, & Thomas Israel) submitted a panel proposal about parenting/writing for AWP in Boston 2013, I don’t know if we will be selected but we intend, among other resources, to present a parent-conscious list of writer’s getaways such as family-friendly residencies: writing colonies […]

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