Visit our New Bookshop!

We are thrilled to partner with in their attempt to help indie bookstores. Please shop our incredible store USING THIS LINK. Some things that will happen if you buy a book: you will support us (we get a percentage) you will be supporting an indie bookstore that is LOCAL to YOUR area (all book […]

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Announcing the winner of an AWP registration!

We are delighted to announce the winner of our drawing for an AWP20 registration – remember that all Title Members of any level were entered to win (one chance for a Laundry Marker level membership all the way up to four chances for a Fountain Pen Level) — and this year we have a great […]

Jen Hinst-White and Sarah Lybrand - two Matriartists.

Jen Hinst-White and Sarah Lybrand – two Matriartists.

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Informal Annual Report

This is not an official annual report, but many of you have stated a wish to know more intimately what is going on behind the scenes at Pen Parentis. For your viewing pleasure, M M De Voe has written this informal guide to all things administrative at Pen Parentis for 2015-2016 up to our annual […]

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Get Motivated

I am in a creative slump right now. Not because I have no ideas; I have plenty. I also have two kids in school giving me enough time to write, should I wish to do so. Tell me then, what’s the hideous sluglike thing wrapping itself around my brain and slowing me down? Is it […]

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