Announcing the winner of an AWP registration!

We are delighted to announce the winner of our drawing for an AWP20 registration – remember that all Title Members of any level were entered to win (one chance for a Laundry Marker level membership all the way up to four chances for a Fountain Pen Level) — and this year we have a great […]
Jen Hinst-White and Sarah Lybrand - two Matriartists.

Jen Hinst-White and Sarah Lybrand – two Matriartists.

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Informal Annual Report

This is not an official annual report, but many of you have stated a wish to know more intimately what is going on behind the scenes at Pen Parentis. For your viewing pleasure, M M De Voe has written this informal guide to all things administrative at Pen Parentis for 2015-2016 up to our annual […]

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Get Motivated

I am in a creative slump right now. Not because I have no ideas; I have plenty. I also have two kids in school giving me enough time to write, should I wish to do so. Tell me then, what’s the hideous sluglike thing wrapping itself around my brain and slowing me down? Is it […]

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