On Election night 2016, we had three phenomenal and passionate readers at the Pen Parentis Election Day Madness Salon. Even before the co-hosts had gone home, this thank you note was waiting in our inboxes:

Whichever way you lean politically, you have to love the beauty of a simple and sincere thank you note:

Here was ours:

You put on a class act! Thank you so much for your warm hospitality, fine audience and fabulous perks. I’m awed, frankly, that you manage it.  

Here’s to a productive fall with words–now that we’re struck wordless by the red.

All best,



As a reminder: Terese Svoboda has a literary biography as long as Broadway. She has published everything from fiction, to poetry, to opera. Her current books is an academic biography. This woman has more prizes than there are pages in a Tolstoy novel. And oh by the way? She also has three kids. There’s your mentor, friends. Go get ’em.