Our Founding Director, M. M. De Voe has just returned from a Writer’s Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania, where she was engaged in many eye-opening conversations about community among writers.

Our guiding values at Pen Parentis are inclusion, professionalism, balance, and yes, COMMUNITY.

We know that writers need support, not just financial and time-to-write, but also just day-to-day, as we get stuck or discouraged, it is such help to have a group where you can ask for guidance or just a spot of encouragement.

For our members (both supporting and basic) we offer Pen Parentis Behind Closed Doors on Facebook. The only requirement is that you have at least one child and that you are either an aspiring or already professional writer in any genre. We are here for you. There are almost 600 writers on that group, and we would love to have you join us. Just log onto Facebook, do a search and answer the quick questionnaire to be included.

We want to help. We offer meetups on Friday mornings as well as our monthly Salons (which are dark for Summer, but click here to see the photos from the fantastic Grand Finale of our 10th Anniversary Season, held at the Oculus in Westfield WTC)

Here is a short article MM De Voe wrote about her Lithuania experiences after the Forum ended. Feel lucky to be living in a country where the only barrier to community is how much effort you are willing to put into finding one. We are here for all writers with kids, but there are literally thousands of groups and communities both local and national for almost every kind of writer. Do a web search and join one–or just stick with us!