We are delighted that you stopped by and hope you will browse around a bit.
The reason for the big shift is, as you know, that we are working on our 501c3 status and shifting away from the sponsored project status we have held for five years. One major change is that we are doing away with paid membership: we have decided that the people who need our support the most are those that can’t afford an annual membership fee. So instead, we have made all our programs free and open to all–check our new community tab under WHAT WE DO–and we hope that those who are fortunate will give back as a donors. Our strongest supporters will be featured on this website (those who donate $150 or more or who pledge a recurring donation in any amount) — and yes, you can donate in the name of an author with kids, to get that author some well-deserved publicity.
Other awesome changes are integrated social media feeds and adding this blog to the website proper. Also adding Submittable to our Fellowship so that online submissions go fast and easy.
But why am I telling you all this? You’re here! Poke around! Bookmark us for easy access! Add yourself to our mailing list if you aren’t already on it.
We are so happy you stopped by!