The Pen Parentis Writing Fellowship for New Parents is a terrific annual opportunity for a writer with at least one very young child to really focus on their creative career. We encourage and support our Fellow both financially (by awarding $2000) and artistically (with the opportunity to read at our heavily promoted Literary Salons series and inclusion into a community of writer-parents through the Pen Parentis Cycle of Support). We facilitate the publication of their winning story in an international publication. We keep track of our Fellows throughout the year and are happy to consult with them in any way. Writers at all levels of their careers are encouraged to apply. This is a merit-based Fellowship.

Please see our guidelines for complete details

And since you have read this far, we would also like to make you aware of another parents-only grant opportunity:ย The Sustainable Arts Foundation gives out grants of $6,000 to authors with children under 18. We are not affiliated with the Sustainable Arts Foundation, but we love what they do! ย Let us know if you found out about their grant through us and you win!