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Want to be a truly important part of what we do? Join as a Title Member and strengthen the Pen Parentis community now and into the future! This commitment is 100% tax-deductible and will earn you an authors space on our website. Send us your photo, bio, links to your books and other writing–thank you so much for your support of ALL parents who are writers.

ALL TITLE MEMBERS may attend Meet-ups, the Book Club (coming soon!) and Literary Salons for free. They also get one free entry to the Fellowship (more for higher levels of membership). Choose from Title Membership at one of four levels. Thanks again for helping us create these awesome programs!

ALSO: ALL TITLE MEMBERS are entered into a raffle in early October, for one full registration for the AWP conference that happens annually at the end of March (pending AWP holding its conference in-person). If you are already registered, you may use this registration to bring along your child or someone to watch your child as you participate. The higher your support level, the more entries in the raffle. You do not have to be present to win. If you can not attend or do not wish to travel, we will give the registration to a different Title Member.

TITLE MEMBERS at the higher levels of FOUNTAIN PEN ($20/month) SHARPENED PENCIL ($15/month) or LAPTOP LEVEL ($150 annual) also enjoy the additional benefits listed below:

  •  One Lit Place: a Full-Service Writers’ Center provides online writing courses and workshops and personalized coaching and editing services to writers of creative, academic, and business projects.
    Receive discounts on several online courses, including the comprehensive Write Your Novel in 4 Months Program (Save $200!) or Write Your Business or Self-Development Book in 4 Months Program (Save $100).  Plus, save 15% on all hourly writing coaching and editing services. The specific, individualized help and feedback you get from having a coach and editor on your side — on a schedule that works for busy parents— is truly addictive. Give your writing career a productive and motivational boost at One Lit Place! 
  • Do you have a small business on the side? Maybe you’re thinking of making your editing or teaching skills more profitable? You get 10% off Insider and Collaborator Memberships at LMHQ (Downtown Manhattan’s open plan workspace and event space – we host our Salons here! – they have classes for startups and small business as well as a gorgeous workspace not far from Wall Street.)

TITLE MEMBERS at the highest level of FOUNTAIN PEN ($20/month) or SHARPENED PENCIL LEVEL ($15/month) also enjoy the additional benefits listed below:

  • Are you in or near NYC? We have a new partnership with Paragraph: Workspace for Writers. Their fantastic in-person writing spaces feature silent individual carrels (complete silence!! surrounded by books!), wifi, rentable lockers, homey kitchenettes with coffee, lots of in-person event opportunities, and are centrally located in Union Square and Williamsburg. Reasonable monthly and daily rates – part time, or 24/7, short term and long. It’s perfect for parents with a completely haywire schedule! Title Members get their Paragraph initiation fee ($95) waived, and even without Paragraph membership, Title Members can apply to teach personal writing workshops in their cool common rooms! Got a following and need a cool space? Try Paragraph.
  •  a 20% discount on BellyFire Productions services for making book promotion videos
  • the opportunity to blog on our site! Fountain Pen and Sharpened Pencil Level members may query us with ideas for our homepage and we will discuss word count. Editorial approval necessary.
  • COMING SOON: exclusive access on the Pen Parentis Writers App to a calendar of writing residencies and colonies that offer special support for writers who are also parents.

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BASIC MEMBERSHIP: We do not discriminate based on income. Basic membership is free, leave your email address and you can join our circle right away. Please use all the resources we have. Be counted! We are happy to support you in your time of need, and hope that as your income grows, you will support your community in return. We sincerely hope that your circumstances will soon improve and we will do all we can to help that happen — ! Until you have the means to become a Title Member, let’s work together to get your writing career moving! All of our in-person programs are open to you for low drop-in fees (waived if you let us know your circumstances in person).

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