So I’m often asked whether Pen Parentis is for people who write about parenting.  Our mission is quite the opposite: we want to encourage writers to continue on the creative track they were on before they had kids.   That said, parents need to build college funds – or just pay rent! – and in a world where it is increasingly difficult to get paid for your typed strings of excellent thoughts, writing about parenting is definitely still a lucrative market.

So here are a few articles I’ve collected to guide you if you do decide to (or can’t possibly help) writing about the experience of having kids:

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You don’t have to play the guilt game (from Babble)

It’s overwhelming to be a parent and the idea of monetizing what you are stuck thinking about all the time anyway is a compelling idea. But when have you ever been thrilled to turn a joyous hobby into a paid endeavor? It can strip all the fun out of the fun.

Remember – writing “for money” about your experiences as a parent is going to be just as much work as writing your novel–so you’re still not paying attention to your kids while you’re doing it — and what’s worse, it’s no escape from the 24/7 of parenting, like writing fiction can be.

But if you must, you must. Let me leave you with a word of advice.

If you choose this route, ensure you leave room to nurture your creative non-parent self. Cash the paycheck and spend it on a babysitter so you can go to your local library and write a few pages of your very own. Or if you haven’t got any juice left, then by all means: read a book.