Tuesday, September 12th our 16th Season starts with a bang – three fantastic authors who write about War and its effect on humanity. Our lineup has changed – Xavier Trevino had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. BUT– we have a special treat! One of our most loyal members, who has been part of the Pen Parentis community since we first started these salons in 2009 is an expert at Writing War: Kara Krauze who you will all recognize from the myriad photos of her from previous salons, is a writer, editor and educator with extensive expertise in writing about war and loss. She founded a writing workshop for Veterans in 2013 called Voices From War. We will welcome her to our stage on September 12th along with Whitney Terrell and Jessica Shattuck, as well as introduce you to our new Writing Fellow Megan Pillow Davis and say farewell to our most recent fellow Elizabeth Pagel Hogan.  An exciting season opener, find out more and RSVP through this link.